Brief Institutional profiles

NoName Org typeCurrent research capacity (senior, mid-career, junior staff)Thematic focusMethodological and geographic focusMain donor/funding/clientResearch Projects/Publications


Economic Department at Lahore University of Management Sciences

Academic Institute

Senior Researchers: 13, Mid-career Researchers:9


Quantitative (mainly)


Location: Lahore


WB, UNICEF, USAID, Agribusiness Support Fund, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, IGC, Indus Motors, Nestle Pakistan, Adam Smith Associates Consultancy UK, Ericson, DFID.



Center for Research in Economics and Business at Lahore School of Economics (CREB-LSE)

Academic/ Research Institute

Senior Research fellows:7, Research fellow:6, Visiting Researchers:1, Research Associate:1

Education, Economics

Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both      

Punjab mostly, Sindh, Nation-wide, (secondary data only)

Location: Lahore

DFID, OSI, South Asia Network of Economic Institutes (SANEI), IGC, British Academy, PERii.




Working paper Series:

1)The determinants of Child Health and Nutritional Status in Punjab: An Economic Analysis-2012

Research Projects:

1)    Financial Crisis and Migrant Remittances: Effects on Growth and Poverty in Selected South Asian Countries (Completed in 2011) View Report

2)    A Strategy for Reversing Pakistan’s Dismal Export Performance (Completed 2010)


Development Policy Research Center at Lahore University of Management Sciences

Academic/ Research Institute

Senior researchers:28, Mid-career:14

Economics, Social Policy, Governance, Education

Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         


Location : Lahore






Center for Economic Research in Pakistan  (CERP)

Research Institute

Research fellows:38

Economics, Education, Governance.


Punjab (mostly), Sindh, KPK, Kashmir

Location: Lahore


DFID, WB, Ford Foundation, Poverty Action lab MIT, USAID, UKAID, PSDF


1) Property Tax Experiment in Punjab, Pakistan: Testing the Role of Wages, Incentives and Audit on Tax Inspectors Behaviour ( Punjab Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab Finance Department)

2)Punjab Economic Opportunities Program (Government of the Punjab, Department for International Development, Punjab Skills Development Fund, Livestock and Dairy Development Department )



Institute of Public Policy, Beacon house National University (IPP-BNU)

Academic/ Research Institute

Research fellows:3, Research Associates:4

Economics; Governance; Social Policy; Peace & Conflict Studies

Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         


Location: Lahore

DFID, WB, USAID and the government of Punjab (contractual work only, no endowments)


1)       Study on Regional Value Chain: Case Study for Automobiles Sector,

2)       Scenario Forecasting For Pakistan Economy 2011-2016,

3)       Intergovernmental Finance Assessment,

4)       Punjab Social Expenditures: Education, Health, Urban Water Supply- Issues Paper

5)       Value Added Tax on Services,

6)       Financing of Firms: Challenges and Policy Imperatives,




Consultancy /Evaluation firm


Senior Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative and Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative Researcher:1

Economic Growth, Monitoring and Evaluation Services,

Education Services,

Health Services,

Livelihood Services,

Natural Resource Management Services,


Energy and Environment Services,

Corporate Social Responsibility Services,

Marketing Research,

Business Process, Outsourcing Services

Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both


Location: Islamabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, FATA, Faisalabad and Lahore

UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, JICA, WB, Save the Children, Plan Pakistan and Federal Government






Projects:(Total num. of projects (2007-2012): 40)

1)       SWOT Analysis of Economic Development Policies (I-LED, 2008)

2)       Unlocking Industrial Potential of Port Qasim                (JETRO, 2004)

3)       Punjab Cities Improvement Investment Program (AEDB, 2010)

4)       Review of Customs Clearance System of Pakistan (JICA, 2006)

5)       Sectoral Budget Analysis (DAI, 2006)


Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC)

Advocacy/ Research Institute

Principal Economists:5, Economists:3, Researcher:2, Research Associate:1

Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Finance and International Trade); Governance (Governance and Poverty);  Social Policy (Gender and social development issues)

Quantitative (mostly)/ Qualitative/ Both


Location: Karachi

IDRC, Norwegian Embassy, WB, CIDA (funded by CIDA in past)

Publications: (2007-2012)

1)     Social Development in Pakistan: Devolution and social Development (2012)

2)    Social Development in Pakistan: Social Impact of the Security Crisis (2010)

3)    Social Development in Pakistan: Women at Work (2009)

4)    Social Development in Pakistan: Devolution and Human Development in Pakistan (2007)



Collective for Social Science Research (CSSR)

Advocacy/ Research Institute

Senior Researchers: 3, Research Associates:4, Research Officers:3, Research Assistant: 2, Visiting Researchers: 3

Economics, Nutrition, Health, Education, Gender and Social Policy.


Qualitative (mostly)/ Both

Nation-wide and abroad (Afghanistan, Thailand etc)

Location: Karachi

As the organization is profit making, it bids for the projects (advertised by the national and international agencies). It does not get any grant from either government or private sector.

Projects: (2011-2012)

1)       Policies on Economic Inequality (November 2008 - April 2009)

2)       Economic Analysis of Unsafe Abortion Related Morbidity and Mortality (January 2008 - April 2011)

3)       Background Paper on Social Structures and Migration for the Balochistan Economic Report (December 2006 - February 2007)

4)       Country Background Report: Trade Unions in Pakistan  (October 2006 - November 2006)

5)       Understanding State-Business Relations Through the Prism of India-Pakistan Trade: Structural Continuities in a Changing World (November 2005 - April 2008)


Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC-KU)

Research Institute

Total Number of PhDs:7,

Total number of MPhils:7, Total MA and MScs: 20


Research Professors:2, Senior Research Economists:4, Research Economists:6, Visiting Research fellows:13, Staff Economists:11, Junior Faculty members: 6

Social sector, public finance, trade, poverty, gender, health and education


Urban, Education, health, nutrition, public finance, poverty, gender , environment, Agriculture, human development

Quantitative (mostly in the past)/

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Karachi

Federal and Sindh Government,  HEC, IMF, WB, ADB, UNDP


World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, International Labor Organization, Harvard Institute for International Development, European Union, Inter-Agency Gender and Development Group, Free University, Amsterdam, International Food Policy Research Institute, Ford Foundation and Hajj Research Centre, Umm-ul-Qura University, Mekkah. Research has also been undertaken for Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Planning Commission, National Taxation Reforms Commission, Government of Sindh, Sindh Regional Plan Organization, Agriculture Development Council, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Development Authority, City District Government, the Aga Khan University and the Export Promotion Bureau



1)       Resource Mobilization for the Taxes under Board of Revenue and Excise and Taxation Department of Government of Sindh  (Government of Sindh) 

2)       Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer For Equitable In-Country Growth (Asian Development Bank, 2002) 

3)       A Study on the Quantification of Tax Expenditure in Income Tax

(Resource Mobilisation and Tax Reforms Commission, Government of Pakistan, 1993)

4)       The Size and Nature of Black Economy (Resource Mobilisation and Tax Reforms Commission, 1992)

5)       Fiscal Incentives and Regional Industrial Development (National Taxation Reforms Commission, Government of Pakistan , 1986-87)

6)       The Fiscal Base of Karachi (World Bank/Karachi Development Authority, 1988)




Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency  (PILDAT)

Think Tank

6-7 in-house researchers (Qualification: Master)

Finance, economy, poverty-reduction, regional/international trade, foreign/regional relations, political-economy, inter-provincial relations/federalism, women/youth in politics, labor issues and education, etc.

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Islamabad

DFID (funded small projects), British Higher Commission, WB, UNDP



South Asian Strategic Stability Institute

Advocacy/ Research Institute

Senior Researchers:4, Visiting Researchers:3, Midcareer:25, Junior Researchers:12

Conflict and Peace, Economics and Social Policy

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Islamabad


Also independent endowments


Research Papers: (2011-2012)


State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)

Research Institute


Macro, banking, applied economics, monetary policy, Governance/economic governance, Poverty related issues, gender, social protection, education, Health




Location: Karachi




Institute of Development and Economic alternatives (IDEAS)

Think Tank

Total Senior researchers: 7 (permenant:3, Visiting:4)

Midcareer: None

Junior: Varies from project to project (permanent: None)

Economics, Education, Governance, Conflict and Peace

(Public Finance and Fiscal federation, Human Development, Political economy and marginalization, governance and social exclusion)

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Lahore

Open Society Foundation (OSF)


None (Projects are in the pipeline)


International growth Centre (IGC-Pak)

Research Centre

Research fellows: 40

Macroeconomic growth, Firms capability, State capability, Urbanization

Quantitative (mainly) /



Punjab, KPK, and Sindh

Location: Lahore


 Research Projects:

1)    Joint design tax and social policy in the presence of informality in developing countries: Plugging “incentives to ‘cheat’”—lessons from Mexico for the Pakistan context

2)    Design and Financing of Social Policy: Pakistan case study

3)    The Macroeconomics Policy Research Cluster, IGC-Pakistan First Meeting

   Research Papers:

1)       Constraints Faced by Industry in Punjab, Pakistan

2)       Financing Social Policy in the Presence of Informality

3)       Monetary Policy in Pakistan: A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Analysis

   Policy Briefs:

1)       Integrating Urban Datasets: The Path to Effective Socio-Economic Planning in Urban Pakistan

2)       Pakistan's Framework for Economic Growth

3)       Policy Brief - Pakistan’s Trade Policies: Future Directions


Innovative development Strategies (IDS)

Think Tank

PhDs: 6, Mid-career: 20

Economic Policy Analysis, Agriculture and Rural Development, Development of Domestic Commerce and Trade, Social Sector Development, Child Rights and Gender Issues, Industrial Development, Globalization, Sustainable Development.

Quantitative (mostly) /

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Islamabad

DFID, IFPRI, WB, USAID, ADB, UNDP, JICA, OMI, GINI, PPAF, IFAD, World Food, Pakistan Microfinance Network,  FAO, HEC


(Total Completed projects:56, On-going Projects: 3)

Name of Project-date (donor):

1)Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of the National trade Corridor Improvement Program-2010 (WB)

2)Profiling Market Segments for Rural Finance in Pakistan-2009 (Pakistan Micro-finance Network)

3)A Report on Macro, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Management of Pakistan’s Economy and Implications, for the Trade Sector-2007 (Ministry of Commerce-GoP)

4)Punjab Economic Report-2007 (GoP)





Think Tank

PhDs/research Fellow: 1

Research Analysts:4

Research Scholars:5

Strategic Issues, terrorism, economic and social issues, foreign Affairs (bilateral issues, trade and foreign relations)

Qualitative (Mostly)/ Quantitative /


Asia, Afghanistan, China, Central Asia, India, Pakistan and other South Asian states

Location: Islamabad

Russian Academy of Social Sciences, HEC,etc.

Research work:

1)       Indo-Soviet Economic Relations

2)       Indo-U.S. Economic Relations

3)       An Economic Forum for the Indian Ocean Region: Desires, Concepts and Realities

4)       Indo-US Relations: The Economic Dimension



Institute of strategic Studies (ISSI)

Think tank.

Total Research Cap: 25+, MPhils: 3-4, PhDs: None (it has visiting fellows who are PhDs)

Remaining: Masters

Economic and Social Issues, Nuclear Issues, Terrorism and Militancy.

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both

Afghanistan/Central Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Middle East, United Nations, U.S, South Asia, Iran, China

Location: Islamabad

GoP (Ministry of Foreign affairs), Hanns Siedel…



Islamabad Policy Research Institute(IPRI)

Think Tank

Senior Research Fellows (PhDs): 3

Research Fellows:3, Visiting Research Fellows: 2

Assistant Research Officers:7

Social Issues, strategic Issues, Security Issues, Terrorism, Trade, Climate Change, Refugees, Issues related to Overseas Pakistanis

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both

South Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pak-US relations, Gulf Countries, Central Asia, China.



GoP, Hanns Siedel Foundation, German Embassy, Brazilian Embassy

IPRI Studies:                      

1.    Regional Economic Integration in South Asia: Progress and Prospects 



Institute of Education and Research University of Peshawar

Academic Research Centre

Senior in-house researchers:11,

Mid-career researchers:3

Economics, Education and Sociology (Psychology, curriculum development, guidance and counseling, teaching methodologies, science education areas, pedagogy)

Quantitative (mainly) /

Qualitative/ Both

KPK (mainly, except for the conflict zones)

Location: Peshawar

USAID (Pre-step), Norwegian Government, DFID, University of Peshawar



Pakistan Strategy Support Program-IFPRI

Research Institute

Senior researchers:5, Mid-career researchers:4, Junior researchers: many

Nutrition, Economics, Education, Governance and social Policy

(Agriculture Production from farm to households, Agricultural processing and consumption, market prices of agricultural products, water and irrigation, macroeconomics and trade, policy impacts on broad level, poverty dynamics and safety nets.)

Quantitative (mainly) /

Qualitative/ Both

Punjab, Sindh and KPK(excluding the conflict zones)

Location: Peshawar

USAID (main donor of the programme)

Latest Publications:

1.    Pakistan’s cotton and textile economy


National research and Development Foundation (NRDF)

Independent Research Institute

NRDF has a network of 12000 ulama.

Education, Health, Economics, Governance, Social Policy, Conflict and Peace.

(gender gap in primary education, Madaris reform, capacity building of Ulemas, women and children rights, perspective of Islam on matters of conflict)

Quantitative (mainly) /

Qualitative/ Both

Punjab and  KPK (mainly),

Sindh and Baluchistan (certain projects)

Location: Peshawar

UNICEF, FFF, USAID, ILO, UNFPA, GTZ, The Asia Foundation, Heinrich Bol Foundation, WB, BC, WWF, Plan Pakistan, University of Peshawar




Research and Evaluation Institute

Senior in-house researchers: 4 (non-PhD),

In-house Mid-career/junior researchers: None


Public financial management, and governance reform; Qualitative and quantitative national surveys; Social protection; Health; Education; Poverty & microfinance; Monitoring and evaluation; Security Risk Assessment.

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both

KPK (Peshawar)

Location: Islamabad

WB, UN, DFID, GoP (Both federal & Provincial)



Government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, federal and provincial ministries of finance and health, Aga Khan Development Foundation, DFID, Save the Children and the World Bank. 

Projects:Name(Client, Completion Date)

1)      Moving to a Medium Term Budget Framework  (Government of Pakistan, August 2011)

2)      Design of Financial Inclusion Programme, Pakistan (DFID Pakistan, December 2007)

3)      Review of DFID Pakistan Trade and Poverty Programme (DFID, July 2003)


Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)

Advocacy/ Research Institute

Senior Research fellows: 3, Research coordinators: 6

Pakistan Affairs (Economy, Society and Culture, Politics,


Security and Foreign Policy),   Faith and Society (Madrassah Education, 

Islam and the West ,

Islamic Thought),  International Relations (Globalization, Global Issues and Politics, The Muslim World,

Pakistan and its Neighbours)

Quantitative /

Qualitative/ Both


Location: Islamabad

local and international think tanks

Research Articles:

1)    Pakistan at IMF Door Again

2)    Taxation and Good Governance and the Influence of Non-Tax Revenues on a Polity

3)    Pakistan’s Economic Challenges and the Budget 2008-09

4)    National Economic Growth: Present Realities and Critical Elements for Future Sustainable Development

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