Brief Institutional profiles for Nutrition

NoName Org typeCurrent research capacity (senior, mid-career, junior staff)Thematic focusMethodological and geographic focusMain donor/funding/clientResearch Projects/Publications
1National Agricultural Research Center (NARC)Research InstituteSenior Researchers:13, Mid-career researchers:3Nutrition
Quantitative (Mostly), Control Group Experiments
Federal AreaLocation: Islamabad
Federal Government, PSDP, EU (non-cash), Agencies disbursing Development Projects (Unnamed)

Recent Projects/Activities:

1.    Development of early weaning diets using different vegetable protein sources for young calves.

2.    Comparing cottonseed meal vs canola meal in urea molasses blocks.

3.    Evaluation of sunflower seed meal for true Metabolizable energy and available essential amino acids in poultry.

4.    Use of inoculates in silage preparation.


Recent Achievements:

1)    Effect of Stair-step feeding scheme on weight gain, nutritional input, feed efficiency and reproductive Performance of buffalo heifers

2)    Effect of Stair-step feeding scheme on weight gain, nutritional input, feed efficiency and reproductive Performance of Sahiwal heifers

3)    Calcium and Phosphorous Supplementation with Different Ratios to Fattening Buffalo Calves

4)    Effect of feeding levels of mineral mixture on milk yield, composition and reproductive performance of lactating Nili-Ravi buffaloes

5)    Dissemination of Research Based Feed Products to Farming Community

2Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC-KU)Research InstituteTotal Number of PhDs:7,Total number of MPhils:7, Total MA and MScs: 20 Research Professors:2, Senior Research Economists:4, Research Economists:6, Visiting Research fellows:13, Staff Economists:11, Junior Faculty members: 6Social sector, public finance, trade, poverty, gender, health and educationWebsite:Urban, Education, health, nutrition, public finance, poverty, gender , environment, Agriculture, human development
Quantitative (mostly in the past)/Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Karachi
Federal and Sindh Government,  HEC, IMF, WB, ADB, UNDPWebsite:World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, International Labor Organization, Harvard Institute for International Development, European Union, Inter-Agency Gender and Development Group, Free University, Amsterdam, International Food Policy Research Institute, Ford Foundation and Hajj Research Centre, Umm-ul-Qura University, Mekkah. Research has also been undertaken for Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Planning Commission, National Taxation Reforms Commission, Government of Sindh, Sindh Regional Plan Organization, Agriculture Development Council, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Development Authority, City District Government, the Aga Khan University and the Export Promotion Bureau Projects: Health/Nutrition:

1)    The Preparation of a Nutritional Strategy Programmes and Investment Strategies to Reduce Malnutrition in Pakistan (Applied Economics Research Centre, University of Karachi, 2005)


3University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Department of food Science)Academic/Research InsitutePhDs: 20Midcareer:2Health & Nutrition (Food preparation and evaluation, compositional analysis, meat analysis, dairy and cereal analysis, animal nutrition)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wide (currently in Punjab)
Location: Faisalabad
Washington University, Universities in France, Local NGOs, GoP, HECProjects:Name (duration, donor)

1.    Preparation and Characterization of Legumes Protein Isolates to Improve Nutritional and Functional Properties of Baked Products” (2 years, Pakistan Science Foundation)

2.    Extraction of Natural Antioxidants from Agro-Industrial Wastes for Food Applications (24 months, HEC)

3.    Dissemination of Technologies for Profitable Dairying at Farmer’s Level (36 months, FDTTPC) 

4University of Arid Agriculture (UoAA)Academic and Research InstitutePhDs:200,MPhil: 54

1)    Agriculture (Land problems, soil problems, crops, diseases, water problems)

2)    Biotechnology

3)    New Technologies to Overcome Water Shortage

4)    Production of Biofeuls

5)    Formulation of New Food Products

6)    Promotion of High Yielding & Drought Resistance Wheat and Canola Cultivars

7)    Recycling of Organic Wastes of Sustainable Crop Productivity

8)    Production of Pathogen Free Horticultural Plant Nurseries

9)    Soil and Water Contamination Studies

Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Punjab (mostly potohar region of pindi)
Location: Islamabad
National Donors:  Punjab Agriculture research Board, Pakistan Science foundation (PSF), ALP Project, Endowment fund by UAF, PARC and HEC.  International Donors: International Foundation for Science, GTZ, UNESCO

Completed Projects:

1)    Evaluation of Soil Moisture Depletion Pattern, Soil Microbial activity & biomass under different types of terracing in Pothwar. (HEC)

2)    Protection of wheat flour from the ravages of red flour beetle (PSF)

3)    Evaluation of high yielding and drought resistant canola cultivars in Pothwar (PSF)

4)    Sustainable cropping pattern for Pothwar plateau (PARC)

5)    Biology and management of porcupine in central Punjab (PARC)

6)    Development of high yielding rust tolerant wheat Genotypes by using molecular markers. (MoST)


5Pakistan Strategy Support Program-IFPRIResearch InstituteSenior researchers:5, Mid-career researchers:4, Junior researchers: manyNutrition, Economics, Education, Governance and social Policy(Agriculture Production from farm to households, Agricultural processing and consumption, market prices of agricultural products, water and irrigation, macroeconomics and trade, policy impacts on broad level, poverty dynamics and safety nets.)
Quantitative (mainly) /Qualitative/ Both
Punjab, Sindh and KPK(excluding the conflict zones)
Location: Peshawar
USAID (main donor of the programme)Latest Publications:

1.    Implications of productivity growth in Pakistan (Sept. 2012)

2.    Rehabilitating Agriculture and promoting food Security following the 2010 Pakistan Floods


6PMRCResearch InstituteNumber of Senior in-house researchers:20Number of in-house mid-career researchers:45Number of in-house junior researchers:35Health, Nutrition
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Location: Islamabad
Grant/Contracts: GoP (100%)Completed Projects: (2005-2012)

1)    Prevalence of Lactose intolerance in asymptomatic School age Children in Karachi Pakistan. Is it a predictor of under nutrition?

2)    Nutrition Survey of an Earthquake Hit Area Mallot, Tehsil Dherkot, District Bagh.

3)    Relationship of Socio-demographic factors with malnutrition in preschool children: A community based study.

4)    Malnutrition and Quality of Life in Liver Cirrhosis (on-going) 

7Innovative development Strategies (IDS)Think TankPhDs: 6, Mid-career: 20Economic Policy Analysis, Agriculture and Rural Development, Development of Domestic Commerce and Trade, Social Sector Development, Child Rights and Gender Issues, Industrial Development, Globalization, Sustainable Development.
Quantitative (mostly) /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Islamabad
DFID, IFPRI, WB, USAID, ADB, UNDP, JICA, OMI, GINI, PPAF, IFAD, World Food, Pakistan Microfinance Network,  FAO, HECProjects: (Total Completed projects:56, On-going Projects: 3)Name of Project-date (donor):

1)Survey on Farmer’s Choice of Wheat Varieties in Punjab –

1)Pakistan-2011(International Food Policy Research Institute)


8Collective for Social Science Research (CSSR)Advocacy/ Research InstituteSenior Researchers: 3, Research Associates:4, Research Officers:3, Research Assistant: 2, Visiting Researchers: 3Health, Nutrition, Education, Economics, Gender and Social Policy.
Quantitative/Qualitative (mostly)/ Both
Nation-wide and abroad (Afghanistan, Thailand etc)Location: Karachi
As the organization is profit making, it bids for the projects (advertised by the national and international agencies). It does not get any grant from either government or private sector.Projects: (2011-2012)

1)       Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility (September 2012 - )

2)       Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) (February 2012 - )

3)       Food Security in Pakistan (July 2009 - December 2010)

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