Brief Institutional profiles for Health

NoName Org typeCurrent research capacity (senior, mid-career, junior staff)Thematic focusMethodological and geographic focusMain donor/funding/clientResearch Projects/Publications
1Idara e Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)Public TrustSenior Researchers(PhD):4, Mid-career:4Health, Education
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         
Mix methods,South Asia (SAARC), Nation-WideLocation: Lahore
DFID UK, CIDA, ILO, FOSI, ETS, UNICEF, Oxfam, Dubai Cares, UNESCO, United States Institute of Peace, US DOL, US Embassy – Small Grant Program, USAID, WB, International Philanthropist, NCHD, Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education, PPAF, PEF, SEFMajor programs:

1)    Health & Environment.

2APEXConsultancy /Evaluation firm Senior Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative and Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative Researcher:1Health Services, Monitoring and Evaluation Services,Education Services,Livelihood Services,Natural Resource Management Services,Governance and Economic Growth,Energy and Environment Services,Corporate Social Responsibility Services,Marketing Research,Business Process, Outsourcing Services
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Islamabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, FATA, Faisalabad and Lahore
UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, JICA, WB, Save the Children, Plan Pakistan and Federal Government     

Projects:(Total num. of projects (2007-2012): 40)

1)       Formulation of BCC Strategy for Reproductive Health (UNFPA, 2008)

2)       Evaluation of In-Country Training (ICT) Program on Safe Mother at Mother & Child Health (MCH) Ce (JICA, 2009)

3Collective for Social Science Research (CSSR)Advocacy/ Research InstituteSenior Researchers: 3, Research Associates:4, Research Officers:3, Research Assistant: 2, Visiting Researchers: 3Health, Nutrition, Education, Economics, Gender and Social Policy.
Quantitative/Qualitative (mostly)/ Both
Nation-wide and abroad (Afghanistan, Thailand etc)Location: Karachi
As the organization is profit making, it bids for the projects (advertised by the national and international agencies). It does not get any grant from either government or private sector.Projects: (2011-2012)

1)       Sindh Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) Study (November 2008 - March 2009)

2)       Economic Analysis of Unsafe Abortion Related Morbidity and Mortality (January 2008 - April 2011) 

4Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC-KU)Research InstituteTotal Number of PhDs:7,Total number of MPhils:7, Total MA and MScs: 20 Research Professors:2, Senior Research Economists:4, Research Economists:6, Visiting Research fellows:13, Staff Economists:11, Junior Faculty members: 6Health, Social sector, public finance, trade, poverty, gender, educationWebsite:Urban, Education, health, nutrition, public finance, poverty, gender , environment, Agriculture, human development
Quantitative (mostly in the past)/Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Karachi
Federal and Sindh Government,  HEC, IMF, WB, ADB, UNDPWebsite:World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, International Labor Organization, Harvard Institute for International Development, European Union, Inter-Agency Gender and Development Group, Free University, Amsterdam, International Food Policy Research Institute, Ford Foundation and Hajj Research Centre, Umm-ul-Qura University, Mekkah. Research has also been undertaken for Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Planning Commission, National Taxation Reforms Commission, Government of Sindh, Sindh Regional Plan Organization, Agriculture Development Council, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Development Authority, City District Government, the Aga Khan University and the Export Promotion Bureau Projects: Health:

1)    Primary Heath Facilities in Balochistan: Balochistan Economic Report (Asian Development Bank & World Bank, 2007)


5Aga Khan University (AKU)Academic/Research Institute Health:Maternal and newborn child health, Non-communicable diseases, including cancer, Infection, immunity and inflammation, Human development, including early child development, Neurosciences, Stem cell biology
Quantitative (mostly)/Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Karachi
GF, PF, USAID, DFID, BC, WHO Geneva, WBResearch:

1)       Cost-Effectiveness of Community-Based Strategies for Blood Pressure Control in a Low-Income Developing Country: Findings From a Cluster-Randomized,Factorial-Controlled Trial - Paper published in Circulation 

6State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)Research Institute???Health, Macro, banking, applied economics, monetary policy, Governance/economic governance, Poverty related issues, gender, social protection, education
Nation-wideLocation: Karachi
National Institute of Population studies (NIPS)Government Research Centre6-7 inhouse researchersHealth, Population 
Quantitative (mainly) Qualitative (also)
Nation-wideLocation: Islamabad
UNFP, USAID, DFID, UNICEF*Pakistan Demographic Health Survey (PDHS)Studies in progress:.

1)    Evaluation of Contraceptive Surgery Cases & Family Planning Services of Reproductive Health Services (RHS-B) Centers in Pakistan.

2)    Azad Jammu & Kashmir Demographic and Health Survey, (AJK DHS 2010-11).

3)    Evaluation and Assessment of Quality of Care at Family Welfare Centres (EAQCFWCs, 2010-11).

4)    Rural Sanitation in Flood Affected Districts (RUSFAD): KAP Baseline survey.

8University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Department of food Science)Academic/Research InsitutePhDs: 20Midcareer:2Health & Nutrition (Food preparation and evaluation, compositional analysis, meat analysis, dairy and cereal analysis, animal nutrition)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wide (currently in Punjab)
Location: Faisalabad
Washington University, Universities in France, Local NGOs, GoP, HECProjects:Name (duration, donor)


9Health Services academy (HSA)Research InstitutePhDs: 9MBBS: 20MScs: 10Health system management, Health Governance, Effects of Devolution on Health policy, Health Budgetary allocations.
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wide (Balochistan, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, GB and AJK)
Location: Islamabad
USAIDWHO,UNICEF,Other UN agencies(Proposals Submitted14, Proposals Short-Listed9, Projects Awarded6, Projects Completed4, Projects in Progress2)Projects Completed(4):

1)Directory Of Innovations And Good Practices On RH/MNCH/FP, June, 2011.A project of Maternal & Neonatal Child Health Programme & United Nations Fund for Population, Research Conducted & Report Written By RDD, HSA, Government of Pakistan

2)“Assessment of Coverage of Routine EPI and Polio Eradication Efforts and Implementation Gaps at District Level”, July, 2011, Study Conducted and Report Written by RDD, HSA, Health Services Academy, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan

10RADSThink TankResearch Experts (Senior Researchers): 3,Analysts and Researchers: 5 (MSc:2, BSc:3)Health and Population (Governance, Family Planning, reproductive Health)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Mostly Punjab and Sindh
Location: Islamabad
Research Grants: USAID and DFID,Project Based funding: WHO,


1)    How women Acquire and Process Information about Reproductive Health and How that Information Evolves over their Lifetime (Type of Funding: Grant,                                 Funder: Research and Advocacy Fund of the DFID (UKAid), Duration: Jan 2012 – Jan 2013)

2)    Community Trial of Social Mobilization to Overcome the Three Delays that lead to Poor Obstetric Care and Maternal Deaths in an Extremely Poor and Underserved Area (Type of Funding: Grant, Funder:  Research and Advocacy Fund of the DFID (UKAid), Duration: Jan 2012 – April 2013)

3)    Analysis of Large Scale Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services Delivery Programs (Type of funding: Commercial,                     Funder: The Marie Stopes Society (Pakistan affiliate of MSI), Duration: Variable, multiple projects)

11HeartfileNon Profit NGO/Think tankPhDS:1, Consultants:4, Consultant Editor: 2, Research Officer:1, Project Coordinators: 3Health (Analysis and advocacy at the health policy and systems level, Innovative solutions for improving health systems)
Qualitative (mainly)/Quantitative/ Both
Nationwide (mostly KPK and Punjab)
Location: Islamabad
Packard Foundation, Rocket, Poverty Alleviation Fund, IDRC, International Agency for Development-Canada,Canadian International Development Agency, Asian Development Bank, Transparency Fund (PTF), Global Forum for Health Research-Geneva, WHO, Rockefeller Foundation.Research projects:(Principal Investigator for Health Policy and Systems Research in the following areas)

1.    Health systems performance assessment and reform

2.    Country framework for health systems performance assessment (initiated in 2009). Funding: WHO-led platform to Strengthen Monitoring and Analysis of Country Health Systems (WHO Geneva)

3.    Health financing strategy centered on pooling funds in an Health Equity Fund and their targeting through a customized web-based platform, integrated with mobile phone technology and assessing its impact on protection against catastrophic spending on health (initiated 2009). Funding: Rockefeller Foundation. 

4.    Policy research to develop the first roadmap for health reform for Pakistan. Findings were published in the two books: 'Choked Pipes: Reforming Pakistan's Mixed Health System' and 'Health Systems in Pakistan-a Way Forward: the Gateway Paper'. The latter was recognized as a blueprint for health reform and provided the basis for formulation of a new national policy for Pakistan.   A series of national consultative meetings-the Post-Gateway Roundtables  were held to solicit opinion on the strategy articulated therein in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and WHO

5.    Assessment of corruption in health service delivery. Funding: Asian Development Bank-supported Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF). Report available at

6.    Research in the area of priority setting for health systems research; the study aimed at the development of a locally suited priority-setting model. Funding: Global Forum for Health Research, Geneva

7.    Communications research to assess the impact of social marketing strategies on behaviour change. Funding: Canadian International Development Agency.

12National research and Development Foundation (NRDF)Independent Research InstituteNRDF has a network of 12000 ulama.Health, Education, Economics, Governance, Social Policy, Conflict and Peace.(gender gap in primary education, Madaris reform, capacity building of Ulemas, women and children rights, perspective of Islam on matters of conflict)
Quantitative (mainly) /Qualitative/ Both
Punjab and  KPK (mainly),Sindh and Baluchistan (certain projects)
Location: Peshawar
UNICEF, FFF, USAID, ILO, UNFPA, GTZ, The Asia Foundation, Heinrich Bol Foundation, WB, BC, WWF, Plan Pakistan, University of PeshawarProject:Health Sector Projects

1)    Health of Mothers and Newborns-The involvement of Ulama

2)    Health Services for the Project for the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) of Bajour and Swat

3)    TB Orientation Program to support Stops Initiative

4)    Integrating HIV/AIDS Awareness into Ongoing Madrassa Programs

5)    Advocacy for Reproductive Health and Population Issues

6)    Development of a Manual on HIV Aids

7)    Study and Design for Integration of Communicable Diseases Control Program (CDC) at Field and Supervisory Level in NWFP

8)    Three-day workshop on Islam and Family Planning

9)    Training Need Assessment Survey of Health Staff in Khyber PakhtunKhwa

10)Study on “Views of Rural Religious Leaders on Population programs in NWFP

11)Free Medical Camps for Needy Communities

13PMRCResearch InstituteNumber of Senior in-house researchers:20Number of in-house mid-career researchers:45Number of in-house junior researchers:35Health, Nutrition
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Location: Islamabad
Grant/Contracts: GoP (100%)Completed Projects: (2005-2012)

1)    To determine deficiency of Vit. B12 Serum ferritin as folate & etiological factor in recurrent oral Ulcer

2)    Prevalence of worm infestation in Children aged 1-10 years of rural & urban areas of District Vehari.

3)    Knowledge, Attitude & Practice pattern of Hand Washing in some big Govt. Hospital of Karachi.

4)    Waste disposal of Government Health Care facilities in Urban areas of Karachi (KAP Survey).

5)    Effects of Community noise on Urban population.

6)    Comparison of Treatment modalities for acute pain.

7)    Periodontal Disease during pregnancy and its relationship with low birth weight babies.

8)    Serial Helicobacter Pylori antibody Titers after specific treatment.

9)    Prevalence of Lactose intolerance in asymptomatic School age Children in Karachi Pakistan. Is it a predictor of under nutrition?

10)Knowledge, Attitude and practices of diabetics regarding oral health.

Multi-Centre projects:

1)    General awareness and attitude regarding bio-safety measures among technician working in clinical laboratories of Pakistan: A multi-centre study (PMRC, NICH, Karachi)

2)    Seroprevalence of Measles antibodies in children at school going age in Pakistan: PMRC multi-centre study.( PRO, PMRC, NIH, Islamabad)

3)    Knowledge attitude and practice pattern of hand washing in some major public sector hospitals of Pakistan – A Multi-Centre Study (SRO, PMRC, DMC, Karachi)

4)    Prevalence and trends in shisha smoking among college, university and madrasa students aged 20-25 years in Pakistan. (SMO, DMC, PMRC)

5)    Screening for tuberculosis among the household contacts of index patients: PMRC Multi-centre study. (SMO, PMRC, KEMU, Lahore)

14OPMResearch and Evaluation InstituteSenior in-house researchers: 4 (non-PhD),In-house Mid-career/junior researchers: None Health; Public financial management, and governance reform; Qualitative and quantitative national surveys; Social protection; Education; Poverty & microfinance; Monitoring and evaluation; Security Risk Assessment.
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
KPK (Peshawar)
Location: Islamabad
WB, UN, DFID, GoP (Both federal & Provincial)Website:Clients:Government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, federal and provincial ministries of finance and health, Aga Khan Development Foundation, DFID, Save the Children and the World Bank. Projects:Name(Client, Completion Date)

1)      Development of a Strategic Plan for Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan, June 2004)

2)      Health Sector Reform, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, November 2002)

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