Brief Institutional profiles for Evaluation

NoName Org typeCurrent research capacity (senior, mid-career, junior staff)Thematic focusMethodological and geographic focusMain donor/funding/clientResearch Projects/Publications
1APEXConsultancy /Evaluation firm Senior Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative and Quantitative Researcher:1, Qualitative Researcher:1Monitoring and Evaluation Services,Education Services,Health Services,Livelihood Services,Natural Resource Management Services,Governance and Economic Growth,Energy and Environment Services,Corporate Social Responsibility Services,Marketing Research,Business Process, Outsourcing Services
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Islamabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, FATA, Faisalabad and Lahore
UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, JICA, WB, Save the Children, Plan Pakistan and Federal Government     

Projects:(Total num. of projects (2007-2012): 40)


1)       Monitoring Review of UNDP Flood Recovery Programmes (UNDP-2011)

2)       Field Monitors and Reporters in FATA (UNICEF-2011)

3)       KAP Survey and Environmental Awareness Campaign(Islamic relief-2011)

4)       Detailed Livelihood Assessment (FAO of the United Nations, Rome Headquarters-2011)

5)       End-line Survey for Impact Analysis (KRI / JICA-2011)

6)       User Beneficiary Assessment Survey(PPAF-2011)

7)       Consultancy to Final Evaluation of PEFSA Program in Pakistan(Save the Children)

8)       Local Level Sporting Need Assessment in Malakand, Lower Dir, Upper Dir and Shangla Districts(UNDP)

9)       Poverty Score Card Survey (LOT N8 District Khushab) (PPAF-2011)

10)   Field Monitors and Reporters in Sindh(UNICEF-2011)

11)   Field Monitors and Reporters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (UNICEF-2011)

2OPMResearch and Evaluation InstituteSenior in-house researchers: 4 (non-PhD),In-house Mid-career/junior researchers: None Public financial management, and governance reform; Qualitative and quantitative national surveys; Social protection; Health; Education; Poverty & microfinance; Monitoring and evaluation; Security Risk Assessment.
Quantitative /Qualitative/ BothKPK (Peshawar)Location: Islamabad
WB, UN, DFID, GoP (Both federal & Provincial)Website:Clients:Government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, federal and provincial ministries of finance and health, Aga Khan Development Foundation, DFID, Save the Children and the World Bank. 

Projects: Name(Client, Completion Date)1)       Baseline Survey for Impact Evaluation of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP)    (Government of Pakistan, December 2012)2)       Review of Options to Maximise the Nutritional Impact of BISP Cash Transfer Programme in Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, April 2012)3)       Moving to a Medium Term Budget Framework  (Government of Pakistan, August 2011)4)       Design of the Benazir Income Support Programme: Baseline Evaluation Survey (World Bank, July 2011)5)       Evaluation of Pakistan’s Flood Response Cash Transfer Program  (Government of Pakistan, April 2011)6)       Endline Knowledge, Practice and Coverage (KPC) Survey for PRIDE Project, Pakistan (World Bank, August 2010)7)       Lady Health Worker Programme: Third party Evaluation of Performance  (Government of Pakistan, November 2009)8)       Development of a Strategic Plan for Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan, June 2004)9)       Review of DFID Pakistan Trade and Poverty Programme (DFID, July 2003)10)   Pakistan Participatory Poverty Assessment (Government of Pakistan, July 2003)11)   Training in Planning and Budgeting, Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, May 2003)12)   Pakistan Integrated Household Survey (Government of Pakistan, May 2003)13)   Health Sector Reform, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, November 2002)

3Management System International (MSI)Evaluation FirmTotal Staff: 47, Full time staff: 47, Part time staff: Varies according to the number of ongoing evaluation projects or studies.Number of in-house senior professionals with PhDs:4, Number of in-house senior professionals without PhDs:6, Number of in-house midcareer researchers/professionals (with four or more years of experience):15, Number of in-house junior researchers/professionals:7 Monitoring & Evaluation (midterm and final evaluation).MSI don’t have its own thematic focus; they evaluate all the projects on which USAID is working
Quantitative /Qualitative/ BothNoneLocation: Islamabad

MSI evaluates all the projects of USAID

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