Brief Institutional profiles for Governance

NoName Org typeCurrent research capacity (senior, mid-career, junior staff)Thematic focus
Methodological and geographic focus
Main donor/funding/clientResearch Projects/Publications
1Development Policy Research Center at Lahore University of Management SciencesAcademic/ Research InstituteSenior researchers:28, Mid-career:14Governance, Economics, Social Policy, Education
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         
Nation-wideLocation : Lahore
IGC, IFPRI,DFID, UNICEF, WB, UNICEF, USAIDProjects:1)       Project on Access to Social Services and Child Labor in Cotton-Growing Districts of Pakistan (funded by UNICEF) (Accepted)2)       Supporting Policy Research to Inform Agricultural Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (funded by GDN) 3)       UNICEF funded study on Women and Children (On going)4)       World Bank project on Industrial Policy (Completed)5)       State Bank of Pakistan funded "SME Cluster survey: Fans and other Electrical/Electronic Goods in Gujranwala/Gujrat" (Completed)6)       Flood Maps (Joint Venture between IGC and Suparco) (Completed)7)       DFID Funded Project on Re-imagining the Indus (December 2010 - May 2011)8)       CQE Funded Study on Learning in Punjab (Completed)9)      IGC funded project on Firms (Completed)
2Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE)NGOSenior Researchers:5, Visiting Researchers:3, Mid-career:8, Junior Researchers:1Education, Governance
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         
Punjab(mostly), Nation-WideLocation: Lahore
OSI, OXFAM, DFID Norway, Heinrich Boll Foundation

Research reports:

1)    Promising Change: Six Case Studies of Whole School Development in Pakistan’s Faisalabad District (in collaboration with District Government of Faisalabad-case study 2008)

2)    Education in Pakistan: What Works and Why (in collaboration with FOSI-research report 2007)

Survey reports:

1)    Out of School Children: A Case Study on Pakistan (UNICEF-2011)

2)    Situation Analysis of Gender Disparity in Primary and Middle Education in the Punjab, Case Studies of Khanewal and Rawalpindi Districts (DFID, UNICEF and Department of School Education, Punjab-2010)

3)    Situational Analysis of the Punjab Primary School Libraries (GTZ-2009) 

3Center for Economic Research in Pakistan  (CERP)Research InstituteResearch fellows:38Education, Economics, Governance.
Punjab (mostly), Sindh, KPK, KashmirLocation: Lahore
DFID, WB, Ford Foundation, Poverty Action lab MIT, USAID, UKAID,PSDF


1)Governance Project: Psychometric Analysis of Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurial Finance Lab, Habib Bank Limited, International Finance Corporation)

2)Punjab Economic Opportunities Program (Government of the Punjab, Department for International Development, Punjab Skills Development Fund, Livestock and Dairy Development Department ) 

4Institute of Public Policy, Beacon house National University (IPP-BNU)Academic/ Research InstituteResearch fellows:3, Research Associates:4Economics; Governance; Social Policy; Peace & Conflict Studies
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both         
Nation-WideLocation: Lahore
DFID, WB, USAID and the government of Punjab (contractual work only, no endowments)


1)       Punjab Social Expenditures: Education, Health, Urban Water Supply- Issues Paper

2)       Intergovernmental Finance Assessment

3)       Financing of Firms: Challenges and Policy Imperatives,

4)       The Baseline on Governance Indicators in Pakistan,

5)       Accelerating the Pace of Economic and Social Change in Punjab, 2007-2020 by Developing Provinces Resources and Integrating the Economy of Punjab with the Economies in the Region,

6)       Strengthening the System of Local Government in Punjab

7)       Scenario Forecasting For Pakistan Economy 2011-2016

5Center for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI)Advocacy/ Research Institute Governance; Peace & Conflict Studies
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Both
­­Advocacy: Nation-wideResearch:Punjab (mostly), expanding into other provincesLocation: Islamabad
Donors: DFID, ActionAid, NED, British Council, OSI Partners:Free and Fair Election Network,Pakistan Coalition for Education,Parliamentary Commission For Human Rights,Action Aid Pakistan,Consumer Watch Pakistan,Human Rights Commission of Pakistan,Liberal Forum Pakistan (LFP),Individual Land, Shehri - CBE 2)INTERNATIONAL: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftungfür die Freiheit, UNESCO,Asian Development Bank, The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA), Open Society Institute (OSI),Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, India (CBGA),OXFAM, World Learning,ManusherJonno,TACMIL Health Project Supported by USAid,Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP),British High Commission Pakistan,Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), The Asia Foundation, Commonwealth Education Fund,Privacy International, IFES,Commonwealth Foundation,Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative,Consumer Unity and Trust Society,National Endowment for Democracy,VSO International

Current Projects:

1)    Citizens’ Oversight and Accountability of Education Sector Budget

2)    Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Process in Pakistan

3)    Promoting Public Accountability Through Right to Information In Pakistan


Completed Projects:

1)       Promoting Transparent and Accountable Public Procurement Regime in Pakistan

2)       Strengthening Gender Legal Framework for Combating Violence against Women


6Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS)Advocacy/ Research InstituteSenior Researchers:3, Mid-Career:8, Junior researchers:16Education; Social Policy;Evaluation;Peace & Conflict Studies;Governance
Quantitative/ Qualitative/ BothNation-wideLocation: Islamabad

Publication and reports:

1)       Public financing of education in Pakistan: Analysis of federal and provincial budgets 2011-2012

2)       Compensating civilian victims of conflict and terrorism in Pakistan

7Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC)Advocacy/ Research InstitutePrincipal Economists:5, Economists:3, Researcher:2, Research Associate:1Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Finance and International Trade); Governance (Governance and Poverty);  Social Policy (Gender and social development issues)
Quantitative (mostly)/ Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Karachi
IDRC, Norwegian Embassy, WB, CIDA (funded by CIDA in past)Publications:(2007-2012)1)       Social Development in Pakistan:Devolution and social Development (2012)2)       Social Development in Pakistan: Devolution and Human Development in Pakistan (2007) 
8Centre for Public Policy and Governance-Forman Christian College LahoreAcademic Research CentreSenior Researchers: 2Mid-Career researchers: 3Visiting Researchers: 1-2 /yearGovernance, Democracy, Institution building, peace building and conflict 
Quantitative (mainly) Qualitative (also)
Nation-wideLocation: Lahore
USAID, USIP, OSIOccasional Papers:

1)    Industrial Policy in Punjab: A case study of Sundar Industrial Estate

2)   Rickshaw & Environmental Pollution: Assessing Punjab Government’s Rickshaw Policy 

9Institute of Development and Economic alternatives (IDEAS)Think TankTotal Senior researchers: 7 (permenant:3, Visiting:4)Midcareer: NoneJunior: Varies from project to project (permanent: None)Economics, Education, Governance, Conflict and Peace(Public Finance and Fiscal federation, Human Development, Political economy and marginalization, governance and social exclusion)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Lahore
Open Society Foundation (OSF) None (Projects are in the pipeline)
10Gender studies Centre –QAUResearch Centre Social Policy (Gender), Governance
????Location: Islamabad
11Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS)Think TankMidcareer researchers: 4, Junior Researxhers:21)Conflict and Peace 2) Democracy and Governance (Internal security, regional security, radicalization, violence)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
South Asia
Location: Islamabad
Oxford Research Group, “ObservatórioPolítico (OP)” a Portuguese non-profit independent scientific research centre.Research Journal: conflict and peace studiesPapers:

1)    State bulding in Afghanistan: are reforms sustainable

2)    Politics of radicalization and De-radicalization: impact on Pakistan’s security dynamics 

12Jinnah InstituteResearch InstituteSenior researchers (in-house):2,Mid-career Researchers:14 Governance, Social Policy, Conflict and Peace  (National Security, Foreign Policy, Civic engagement, Human Rights and social justice, secular expression)
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
Nation-wideLocation: Islamabad
NED, CIDA, USIP, FNF, BHC, IPCS, CDR, GoPPolicy briefs:

1)       Electoral Reform and Women’s Political ParticipationResearch Reports:

1)   A Question of Faith: A Report on the Status of Religious Minorities in Pakistan

2)   Pakistan at Risk: Challenges and Opportunities After the Flood 

13Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS)Think TankResearch Analysts:1Research Fellows:2 (MSc:1, MPhil:1),Research Coordinators:2 (MSc:1, BSc:1),Visiting Research Fellow:1 (Ph.D student)Security & governance (conflict mapping, demographic governance), Counter terrorism (radicalization, centrality of Jirga), conflict and peace
Quantitative (mostly) /Qualitative/ Both
Mostly Baluchistan and KPK
Location: Islamabad
Donors:German Embassy, Swiss Embassy, HBS, USIP, UNDP, INTERNEWS (USA), Action aid, The Asia Foundation, Royal Embassy of Netherlands,Partners:Heinrich BöllStiftung, United States Institute of Peace, The Asia Foundation, InterNews, Governance Institutes Network International, Peace Education and Development Foundation, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Association for Integrated Development (AID) – Quetta


1)CRSS-Actionaid Campaign for Implementation of Balochistan Rights Package (2011), Sponsor/Partner: Actionaid, Pakistan

2)Comparing Best Practices in Freedom for Information, Partner: The Asia Foundation, Pakistan

3)    Assessment of US Anti-terror Campaign in Afghanistan, Partner: United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Washington

14Pakistan Strategy Support Program-IFPRIResearch InstituteSenior researchers:5, Mid-career researchers:4, Junior researchers: manyNutrition, Economics, Education, Governance and social Policy(Agriculture Production from farm to households, Agricultural processing and consumption, market prices of agricultural products, water and irrigation, macroeconomics and trade, policy impacts on broad level, poverty dynamics and safety nets.)
Quantitative (mainly) /Qualitative/ Both
Punjab, Sindh and KPK(excluding the conflict zones)
Location: Peshawar
USAID (main donor of the programme)Latest Publications:1)       Rehabilitating Agriculture and promoting food Security following the 2010 Pakistan Floods2)       Pakistan’s cotton and textile economy
15National research and Development Foundation (NRDF)Independent Research InstituteNRDF has a network of 12000 ulama.Education, Health, Economics, Governance, Social Policy, Conflict and Peace.(gender gap in primary education, Madaris reform, capacity building of Ulemas, women and children rights, perspective of Islam on matters of conflict)
Quantitative (mainly) /Qualitative/ Both
Punjab and  KPK (mainly),Sindh and Baluchistan (certain projects)
Location: Peshawar
UNICEF, FFF, USAID, ILO, UNFPA, GTZ, The Asia Foundation, Heinrich Bol Foundation, WB, BC, WWF, Plan Pakistan, University of PeshawarProject:


1)       Election and Islam and the Importance of Women’s Voting

2)       Community Mobilization and Involving Imams in Anti Trafficking (COMPIAT) Project in Bangladesh

3)       Ulama Involvement in the Development Process in Pakistan

16OPMResearch and Evaluation InstituteSenior in-house researchers: 4 (non-PhD),In-house Mid-career/junior researchers: None Public financial management, and governance reform; Qualitative and quantitative national surveys; Social protection; Health; Education; Poverty & microfinance; Monitoring and evaluation; Security Risk Assessment.
Quantitative /Qualitative/ Both
KPK (Peshawar)
Location: Islamabad
WB, UN, DFID, GoP (Both federal & Provincial)Website:Clients:Government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, federal and provincial ministries of finance and health, Aga Khan Development Foundation, DFID, Save the Children and the World Bank. Projects:Name(Client, Completion Date)

1)      Pakistan Flood Relief Programme, Phase 2 (Government of Pakistan, November 2012)

2)      Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Reform Programme and Capacity-Building Support to Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Secretariat  (Government of Pakistan, September 2012)

3)      Moving to a Medium Term Budget Framework  (Government of Pakistan, August 2011)

4)      Design of the Benazir Income Support Programme: Baseline Evaluation Survey (World Bank, July 2011)

5)      Evaluation of Pakistan’s Flood Response Cash Transfer Program  (Government of Pakistan, April 2011)

6)      Design of Financial Inclusion Programme, Pakistan (DFID Pakistan, December 2007)

7)      Review of DFID Pakistan Trade and Poverty Programme (DFID, July 2003)

8)      Training in Planning and Budgeting, Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, May 2003)

9)      Health Sector Reform, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan (Government of Pakistan, November 2002)

17Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)Advocacy/ Research InstituteSenior Research fellows: 3, Research coordinators: 6Pakistan Affairs,   Faith and Society, International Relations, health 
Quantitative /Qualitative/ BothNation-wideLocation: Islamabad
local and international think tanksPeriodicals:1)       Policy perspectives2)       Maghribaur Islam3)       Nuqta-e-Nazar4)       Mabahis
18International growth Centre (IGC-Pak)Research CentreResearch fellows: 40Macroeconomic growth, Governance, Firms capability, State capability, Urbanization, Peace and Conflict
Quantitative (mainly) /Qualitative/BothPunjab, KPK, and SindhLocation: Lahore
DFIDResearch Projects:

1)       Monitoring the Monitors: Using ICT to improve government process evaluation and monitoring in Punjab, Pakistan

2)       Political Violence in Pakistan 1988-2010: Patterns and Trends

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