This portal is particularly useful for;

  1. Researchers/general people interested in understanding the overall landscape of policy research across various themes and the political economy dynamics of policy research and research-policy interface.

  2. Policy makers looking for the major suppliers of research relevant to their themes/areas, and the thematic, disciplinary, methodological and geographical focus of their research.

  3. Suppliers of policy research who want to know about other major institutions engaged in research of their interest and the nature of their research, for collaborations.

  4. Suppliers of policy research who are looking for the key donors of policy research and their thematic priorities as well as the overall context of funding for research.

  5. Donors who are interested in strengthening the institutions of policy research, and want to identify the potential partners along with understanding the dynamics of the field.

  6. Research Consumers who want to commission policy relevant research and want to identify the suitable supplier.

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